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I am a second year undergraduate at Indiana University pursuing a dual degree in Business and Political Science. I am a lifelong resident of Indiana growing up in Noblesville and going to high school in Fishers before moving to Bloomington where I fell in love with the culture and city. I am an avid hiker and lover of all things outdoors making Bloomington the perfect place for me. With wonderful parks such as Griffy Lake, Leonard Springs, Hoosier National Forest, and Brown County State Park (my personal favorite!) all within a short distance there is no place I would rather be.

This love of nature eventually translated into a passion for politics. Election night 2016 is my first political memory and what galvanized me to get off the sidelines and become an active participant in my community. I took part in dozens of service projects focused on conservation and giving back to my community through Boy Scouts of America including my very own Eagle Scout Project. I helped revitalize my High School Democrats Chapter connecting dozens of young people to the resources and knowledge they needed to make a difference and gained first hand experience in local government interning for the City of Fishers Planning and Zoning Department.

Since moving to Bloomington, I have joined College Democrats at IU and been elected to lead as Vice President, led dozens of hikes through IU's hiking club sharing the beauty of Bloomington with others, and volunteered for federal, state, and local campaigns. Now, I am ready to put my knowledge to work for everyone in Bloomington by running for Bloomington City Council in District III.


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